A Healthy Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It is important to receive quality prenatal care so that you can have the best chance of having a healthy baby. At our Wellness Centers, we offer a full range of prenatal and delivery services:

Traditional Prenatal Care

You will receive prenatal care from qualified staff of midwives and physicians. When you come for prenatal care you will be receive laboratory tests, health evaluations, physical exams, nutrition and other health evaluations.  Your health care team will include a provider midwife, doctor, social worker, nutritionist, health educator, and many more qualified staff, who will answer your questions and keep you up to date on your progress.


Centering is a new and rewarding way for you to participate in your prenatal care. Centering combines health care assessment, education, and support, provided in a group and individual settings facilitated by health providers. Benefits include a support group of women who are delivering at the same time as you, never waiting in the waiting room, receiving refreshments during your visit and having access to your midwife for 2 hours once a month in the beginning of your prenatal care and then twice a month until you deliver. Learn More

Prenatal classes

Do you have a question about your pregnancy, breastfeeding, labor and delivery, what to do after delivery, car-seat information and even would like to take a tours of our facility?

We have prenatal classes at all of our clinics that are taught by our well-qualified staff where you can get answers to these questions and more.

Classes are available at all of our Wellness Centers:

Highland Hospital Wellness Center
Every Monday: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Labor and Delivery

A record of your prenatal progress is always available for our delivery team in the hospital.  We have a bilingual staff, newly renovated labor, delivery and recovery rooms, on-site translators, full-time and in-house midwives, physicians, perinatologists (mom and baby specialist), pediatricians, and anesthetists 24-hours a day, all with the most advanced technology when and if you need it.